Sport and sea

Your passions above or below the surface

Touch the surface of the water onboard a canoe or kayak, following the curves of the creeks and making a break to relax in some otherwise unreachable cove, or dive to admire the amazing depths of the La Maddalena marine park, or get carried away by the wind on a surfboard or a sailboat? You just have to choose from and be inspired by the day when you wake up.

This part of Sardinia is one of the best places if you love water sports: there are many specialized diving, sailing and canoeing centres scattered all over the coast. Such as Poltu Quatu, the most popular for diving, where you can take beginner and expert courses, and organize your snorkelling excursions. Or the Caprera Sailing Club, one of the best in Italy for sailing, also suitable for children.

And if you can not do without your table, Porto Pollo is the place for you, one of the most famous spots in the world for the kitesurfing and windsurfing, thanks to its special wind and sea conditions.