The Cellars of Gallura

The Vermentino kingdom

Not only the sea, nature and history, Sardinia also tells of a millenary tradition and food culture.

The composition of our soils, different and heterogeneous in the different areas of the island, has produced more than twenty different types of vines and grapes, such as Cannonau, the Vermentino di Gallura, Cagnulari, Malvasia , Carignano, Torbato, Moscato and many others.

The north of the island, with its Gallura, is the homeland of the Vermentino: here expanses of vineyards mark the landscape and the most important wineries have their headquarters, places where architecture and nature come together perfectly .

It’s the case of the Cantine Surrau, 50 hectares of land covered mostly by vineyards, an open space on the Gallura countryside and open spaces in a journey to discover the history of the winery, in the place of vinification and refining.

Or the Cantina del Capichera, the flag of the Italian Vermentino in the world, the Cantina Monti, small town between the lower Gallura and Logudoro, in the hinterland of the Emerald Coast, or that of Tondini at Calangianus and Siddura at Luogosanto.

In many of these wineries you can take a trip into the Sardinian winemaking tradition, taste and buy all their products.