Boat Trips

Mini cruises with breathtaking views

The entire island is surrounded by a fabulous sea which offers spectacular views, from our Mediterranean coasts you can see a unique kaleidoscope of colours and coves where the waves shatter.

If you have chosen this area of Sardinia for your holiday, you can’t leave without enjoying up close the fantastic islands of the La Maddalena archipelago.

Everyday at the ports of Cannigione, Baja Sardinia and Palau, you can choose to board a sailboat, a yacht or a motorboat for a mini cruise through the natural marine park, considered one of the most attractive places in the world.

A real paradise with more than 180km of coast surrounded by a transparent sea, 62 islands and bigger islands with beaches that are amongst the most famous in the world.

With the help of our approachable reception staff, you can choose from motorboats if you prefer more stability, small boats with 10 places if you prefer exclusivity, a sailing boat or a catamaranif you want to enjoy sailing in peace. They all offer a meal on board and our team will take care of checking ticket availability and delivering the tickets to you.