The Manca Family

A 40 year old dream

Little Matilde is five years old, and you can easily see her going round the Airone. She knows the hotel inside out and she isn’t scared to talk to guests and hand out smiles and joy with her charm and exuberance. Matilde is the last born of the Manca family, the third generation of the story of a dream that began forty years ago.

In fact, half way through the seventies, Paola and Graziano Manca, newly weds, decided to buy a piece of land facing the sea on the Gulf of Cannigione. The idea was to build a house on it. An idea that stayed in the cupboard for a few years. In the meantime, their first two children, Paolo and Maria were born, and at the beginning of the 80s, Valentina, the third child was born too.

The Costa Smeralda was booming and Graziano and Paola, who had already been in the tourist accommodation field for ten years now – he was a hotel manager and she was a front-desk receptionist – thought it was the right moment to undertake a new venture that would lead them to take that dream left on hold, out of the cupboard and build that house by the sea. It was to be a big house, open to all guests that would want to spend their holidays there. That’s how the hotel project of the began.

The Airone hotel took shape in a short amount of time. It was built facing a protected lagoon area inhabited by many species of aquatic birds, like the Egret and the rare Purple Gallinule, and during the winter it becomes home to the Grey Heron, who gives its name to the structure.
In August 1990,
during the construction works, Antonio, their fourth child, was born. A year later, the hotel opened its doors to the first guests, welcomed and pampered by the friendliness and passion of the Manca family on this new adventure of theirs.
Over time, the structure has been enlarged, improved, renewed and adapted to fit the needs of the ever more numerous and loyal guests. In 2016, they celebrated their first 25 years. The Airone hotel continues to offer amazing, relaxing holidays thanks to the professionalism of the team that runs and works in it with passion.

Graziano and Paola’s four children have all studied and qualified in the tourist industry and have always worked in The Airone Hotel. Until another dream cropped up, that of the Parco degli Ulivi.
It was inaugurated in 2008. The structure stands in the middle of the Gallura countryside, immersed in the green of the land that was left to them by their maternal grandmother. A hotel born from the idea of offering guests a connection with the real nature of the island, made of Mediterranean maquis, rocks, century-old olive and juniper trees and with the ambitious vision of accompanying and treating the guests to a high level cuisine and the tranquility of comfortable, private rooms.

Today, Paola and Graziano, the founders of this family who embody Gallura hospitality, are the two supervisors who are always present in both establishments. The eldest children, Paolo and Maria, mostly work at the Airone. Valentina and Antonio dedicate themselves to the Parco degli Ulivi, and little Matilde is growing up immersed in the welcoming atmosphere of tourist accommodation that maybe, one day, she will also be able to offer her guests, your children.