The Team

Strength in numbers….makes your holiday

Welcoming, friendly, passionate and professional. Those are the strengths of our team, always available to meet any need. From the gardens to the rooms, from the kitchen to the laundry room, nothing is left to chance and everything is important in order to ensure you have an exceptional holiday.

Managing and coordinating the reception and welcome service is Maria, Graziano and Paola’s second daughter. With great passion, attention and dedication she takes care to meet all your needs, to the extent that you don’t have to think of anything. She finds the best solutions so you can have a completely relaxing and carefree holiday, from the moment of your booking to when you go home.

Working with her is Elena, who has been on our team for 10 years. Always smiling, kind and very precise, with her experience and knowledge of many languages, she knows how to listen and provide all the information that you might need.

Restaurant bookings, trip advice, booking boat trip tickets, car hire, tickets for beach parking: our team spoils you with their willingness to make your stay complete, outside as well as inside the hotel.

In the kitchen is our chef Paolo, who has been with us since the day Airone opened its doors to the public. He chooses which specialities to offer you and manages his colleagues reliably and precisely, in an environment of great respect and collaboration. Paolo is our rock in the kitchen, very attentive and scrupulous, he goes out of his way to please you and welcome your requests if you have particular needs for your meals.

To greet you at the restaurant you’ll find our professional staff, full of kindness and energy, always attentive in meeting your every need, flashing a big smile. Each single person fit perfectly with the philosophy of the Manca family, who value attention to the smallest requests and personalised service above all else.

All our colleagues play an important role in the running of our establishment: from the floor staffwho guarantee you perfectly clean rooms with their attention and precision, or the gardeners and the maintenance staff who keep our establishment looking good, to the reception and admin team who welcome you and spoil you from the moment of your booking to when you return home, and then there are the dishwashersand the women in the laundry roomwho allow everyone to perform their duties as best they can with their meticulous work.

If Hotel Airone is the usual holiday location for you and so many other guests who return to us each year, we owe it to our valued colleagues who work to the maximum every day so everything functions perfectly.