Horse-riding excursions

Nature in freedom

Enjoy the hues of a landscape at sunset, cross the lagoon that skims the Airone, stroll across the golden beaches of the gulf, discover all the archaic rock forms of inland Gallura, and then stop to breathe in the forgotten perfumes of rosemary, myrtle, arbutus, rock-rose, heather and mastic, or explore impenetrable paths, where the mediterranean scrub gives way to olive trees and woods of cork and holm oaks: the best way to taste these unforgettable sensations is a delightful horse-back excursion.

Less than a kilometre from the hotel there is an affiliated equestrian centre , with highly trained instructors. With them you can choose whether to remain in the equipped stables or whether to organise an excursion beyond the usual itinerary to discover a symbiotic relationship with nature and the environment: whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, just climb into the saddle of one of our Anglo-Arabic-Sardinian horses. With their power, agility and elegance, they will give you a truly sensational experience.