Trekking in North Sardinia

Walk, trek, discover

If you don’t want to give up your daily walk and you like walking surrounded by nature, make the most of your holiday at Hotel Airone, which is surrounded by routes of all difficulty levels, located amongst the Mediterranean scrub and breathtaking views.

One of the most fascinating routes is located in the area of Arzachena, and is the historic route of Monte Moro, characterised by evocative granite towers, from where you can admire a fantastic view, which looks out to the north, towards southern Corsica, as well as the mouth of the Bonifacio, and to the south towards the splendid promontory of Capo Figari and the isle of Tavolara.

You really can’t miss a trip to the wild and high cliff of Capo Ferro, dominated by the lighthouse (around 40m tall) which signals the south-eastern entrance to the mouth of Bonifacio.

And then there’s the seafront route of Tanca Manna to Mannena, with the breaktaking Capo Testa or a walk through the thousand year old olive groves.

If you want to experience something truly exciting, you can’t miss a tour of the isle of Tavolara, majestic, solid and made from calcium, which climbs as high as 565 metres above sea level off the Olbia coast.   You can enjoy this pearl of the Gallura, suspended in the sea crossing, one of the most attractive in the Mediterranean, in a route of 6km comprising walks and climbs, with an expert guide.  

You also can’t miss the spectacular scenery at Valle della Luna(Valley of the Moon), in the small peninsula of Capo Testa, the northern most point of the island. Surrounded by small granite mountains, the valley is a must for those who love pure nature, the high rocks that lead down to the sea are incredible, as are the spectacular sunsets that you can enjoy and photograph.

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